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Special tour dates and other news!
Ghost Hunters (from SyFy channel) performed investigations at a number of locations on Main Street in Saint Charles.
This is your chance to visit some the the locations featured on the show!
In any case, Main Street St Charles seems to have more than its share of mysterious manifestations. Prepare to visit some of the places reporting ghostly activity. Just glimpsed glows, unexplained noises, and flitting shadows at the edge of vision.
Ghosts, history, and local legends, our tours capture it all.

There is a full moon on April 11th and May 12th.
Great nights for a Midnight tour.
Many people believe that there is increased spirit activity during a full moon. Sign up for tours and find out for yourself.
There  will be a TOTAL solar eclipse on August 21st.
It will be visible in the St. Charles/St. Louis area.

Expect high energy and probable spirit activity during this entire week.

Tours around this time will fill quickly. It is not to early to book now!

I have just returned from a series of lectures and seminars in London (England) and Edinbough (Scotland)
I have been researching the connection between Jack the Ripper and St. Louis.

Yes, there is a connection...
St. Charles Main street is recognized WORLDWIDE as one of the most haunted and active areas in the world. I met with a number of experts in London, studied with them and shared information (history) on the area.  

To put it very simply, they are impressed.  

We are currently making arrangements for several European researchers to visit the U.S. next year and experience St. Charles Main Street personally!

Gift Certificates always Available!
A perfect Gift of the Holidays! Surprise someone with a Pre-paid tour, on the date of their choice! (Subject to availability).
Call for details! 314-374-6102
The perfect solution for any special occasion. From celebrating birthdays, graduations and weddings to inspiring higher business performance. Our gift certificates are always a delight to receive.

Special "Custom" tours can always be arranged
If you have a Group of 5 or more, special dates can always be arranged (days other than Friday and Saturday). This is a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special event.

St Charles Ghost Tours can also be a great company activity! Better than a company picnic or a stuffy dinner meeting.
My Book is out and in the book stores!

Look for it at Main Street Books (St. Charles), on Amazon and at all major book stores!

You can also purchase an autographed copy from me when you take a tour.

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