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What should you bring with you on the night of the tour?
Here are some suggestions...

A good “ghost hunter” is prepared for anything. There is of course, nothing to fear, but an event can be quick, subtle or misinterpreted. The most important piece of equipment that you can bring to these tours is an open mind.
Just approach this experience believing that anything is possible.

However, the best “equipment” that you can bring is your own eyes, ears and other senses. As you know, the human brain has an astounding and sometimes underestimated ability to process data. Pay attention. Expect manifestations. Trust your senses and listen to what the ghosts are trying to tell you.

General equipment
Most of the people on our tours experience something. South Main Street is very active – from a spectral perspective – and if we do experience a manifestation, you may want to record it. Many go home with actual documentation of spirit activity! Both film based and digital cameras are capable of capturing this activity. Video cameras also work well, but sometimes it can be too dark to record meaningful images.

Tape recorders often reveal things that were missed the first time around. Turn your recorder on and off as necessary. Otherwise you will simply record the voice of your tour guide and perhaps a car going past on the street. Like a visual snapshot, you may want to seek audio “snapshots,” short meaningful recordings, to be analyzed later.

Specialized equipment
Thermometers, Infrared detectors and even Geiger counters have been used. If you have these items, and know how to use them properly, please do so. St Charles Ghost Tours continues to gather information and evidence of the activity on main street and we hope that you will share your findings with us.

Any recordings, sightings or new information will help us to continue to improve these tours.
Other Stuff
A notebook is always a good Idea, You may want to take notes, perhaps make sketches or even drawings of the things we will experience. Again, a large number of tour participants leave with documentation of ghostly activity.

Many people also bring flashlights. After all, it is dark, and the streets are sometimes a bit uneven.

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