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Gauss Master EMF Detector
The Gauss Master is an extremely reliable, sensitive and inexpensive EMF detector.

This is the same detector we use on the tour.

$29.95 +$5.00 shipping

Copper and Brass Dowsing Rods

Highest Quality Brass and Copper Dowsing Rods. You cannot get devices better than these.

They have a wonderful "feel"

They are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

9.95 + 3.00$ Shipping

The Ghosts of St. Charles
By Michael A. Henry
(2010 Historical Press)

A history and summary of the ghosts in St. Charles MO.

19.95 + 3.00 shipping

UV Light
Blacklight Flashlight
9 LED 400nM UV (Ultra Violet)

Can be used to detect traces of biological material invisible to the naked  eye

Approximately 3" long, 3/4" dia
Requires 3 AAA Batteries

 (Not included)

9.95 + 3.00 Shipping